L'Hostellerie's biography

Willing to share their set of skills, Nathalie and Patrick always wanted to open their own hotel restaurant, and moreover in their own region where they grew up. And here they are in Cluny at L’Hostellerie d’Héloïse (former Hôtel Moderne de la Gare, held for many years by the Chanuet family.) With a lot of strictness, hard work, patience, passion, commitment and renovations, they manage to make the business grow without changing the authenticity of this place existing since the late 1800s

Now that they are surrounded with a whole motivated team, they keep growing this maison offering a discreet and efficient welcome to their customers, remaining receptive to their needs in order to best serve them. Moreover, a sophisticated and generous cooking is also available, with fresh and seasonal local products.

L’Hostellerie d’Héloïse recrute

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Vous pouvez nous contacter au 03 85 59 05 65

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