Patrick was not particularly fond of school but he excelled in cooking as soon as he became à kitchen apprentice. This is called finding one’s path… Work and hard work have been real leitmotives for these two years of learning which led him to leave the countryside surrounding Charolles for Paris at the age of 17. He worked in several Parisian restaurants before joining the French Compulsory military service (which still existed at the time) and then commited himself to seasonal hotels in the mountains. That is where he met his wife Nathalie…


Both were walking on different paths and Patrick wanted to leave for Brussels for a year before coming back to Paris to work for several maisons, among which the Saint James Club restaurant, avenue Bugeot. He had the opportunity to work in a famous mountain restaurant « Les Fermes de Marie » where he stayed a few years before becoming a chef in several restaurants like La Verniaz in Évian.

The Charolais and Burgundy roots of Patrick and his wife Nathalie made them move back in the nice region where they started their own business, more than 10 years ago, and achieved their dream to settle and breathe life into this century old family house.

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