The Green Path: A different experience of Burgundy

Built along a former railway, the green path is a marked bicycle path going through the French department of Saône-et-Loire. Initiated by the French Conseil Général, this 250 mile track is available for everyone : sportive, bike amateur and beginners. This true haven only accessible by non-motorised vehicles is perfect for walking, roller skating, or biking with friends or family. The green path comes near L’Hostellerie d’Héloïse in Cluny, a few miles away from the city of Mâcon. Nathalie and Patrick Dutartre rent bikes to their customers.

Sweet holidays

La voie verte présente une alternative agréable et paisible pour rejoindre Étiveau ou Tournus depuis Mâcon en traversant des villages de caractères, des vignes baignées de soleil ou bien encore en s’attardant dans un château d’inspiration romane ou gothique. Ses 28 boucles offrent une liberté totale : s’arrêter, pique-niquer, changer d’itinéraire, se faire plaisir, se laisser surprendre… Chacun peut décider à sa guise de son chemin : une boucle ou une petite excursion de quelques heures.

The path links together the cities of:

  • Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune ;
  • Charnay-les-Mâcon ;
  • Chalon-sur-Saône ;
  • Cluny

Plenty of discoveries are awaiting along the Green Path. It take 8 minutes of bike riding in order to cross the Bois Cmair tunnel for example, which is the longest tunnel in Europe to be opened on a green path. With its bats and fresh air, it will certainly be quite a one of a kind experience on the path. Along the Canal du Centre or the remains of the former Via Romana, this adventure is to be shared with friends or family.

The green path can only be accessible by non-motorised vehicles so that they are sheltered from cars . Visitors ride it with mountain bikes, (for the most damaged parts of the path) regular bikes or even recumbent bicycles which are easier to ride on ascending slopes. Roller riders are welcome to enjoy the path’s coating specially designed for the riders comfort. Horse riders are also welcome. The Green Path is accessible to wheelchairs. L’Hostellerie d’Héloïse rents bikes for its customers, available on demand.

Practical information

The Green Path track has many picnic areas, repair stations, water points or restrooms. Wearing a helmet and a vest is not mandatory in case of clear view, but becomes mandatory in case of fog and at night.

Guiding you through your journey:


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